My Singer Sewing machine obsession..

I am on a search for a vintage Singer treadle sewing machine. I am beginning to have a small collection of vintage Singers.
It all started 4 or 5 years ago when I spotted one for sale in a charity shop. I then bought another one from eBay. My first and only eBay purchase! This one turned out to be a worthwhile buy. It’s a 99k and works beautifully. The other one is a newer imitation made in the Far East. It still looks good but doesn’t sound nearly as good when sewing.
I had left it at that until late last year when my daughter said she would like to take a sewing machine up to London. I decided to get my machines serviced so was browsing Alex’s website, ‘sewalot’ reading all about Singer’s. That’s when I discovered how to date them. It lead to me looking on eBay again just to see what was out there again. I had unsuccessfully bid for a 201k; my eBay skills not good. On talking to Alex I discovered that he had one for sale. So I am the proud owner of a lovely electric 201k.
The latest addition is a 27k from 1910, in need of TCL which is my project for this weekend. This one I found in a local hospice shop for only £20.00. I know they are not worth much now but they look so elegant. I want to get this one polished up, looking loved again. It has a shuttle bobbin which is new to me. It is hand cranked but can be used on a treacle if I only find the table.
So waiting to see what the guy at Thimble linas has to show me.